Made in Holland

Why choose for THIEL?

We are the world’s leading specialist and producer of innovative scaffolding couplers.

For the last 150 years we have been manufacturing all our products in the Netherlands. Our own research and development team is always working on developing new solutions for your challenges, adding new innovations to our product portfolio. Our current product range is the result of decades of research, experience and cooperation with our scaffold partners.

That’s why our products are easier to work with than any other. They improve safety, facilitate flexibility and increase efficiency. Our material can be used in any climate, under any circumstance, making even the most extreme projects possible.

We understand scaffolding and we understand what matters. Therefore our couplers are here to last and are maintenance free. We only work with European raw materials, which guarantees the best quality of our products. Making our products a solid investment to last you throughout your projects.

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