Newstead Abbey – Nottinghamshire

Originally a monastic priory, Newstead Abbey is now a popular tourist destination. The building is open for public and has been partially turned into a museum. Newstead Abbey has its roots in 1170, and was converted to a country house in 1540.

Newstead Abbey is a Grade 1 Listed building, meaning it is of great historic importance. That is why maintenance of the building is vital.

Tamworth Scaffolding were the ones to design and build the scaffold that would allow for these maintenance works to happen. They completed the scaffold using Tube-Lock® tubes. The advantage of using Tube-Lock® tubes is that they can be connected with each other, faster and more easily than traditional tube and fitting scaffolding.

For an existing structure that needs maintenance or renovation, it is important to provide access that follows the shape of the building. This often means it can only be executed in traditional scaffolding. It requires the flexibility tube and fitting offers. By using Tube-Lock® tubes, it gives you the speed of system scaffolding and the flexibility of traditional scaffolding. Meaning it combines the best of both ways.

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