Warwick Castle – Warwickshire

Van Thiel got the chance of helping with the Warwick Castle. The history of Warwick Castle dates back to the Middle Ages. The original wooden fort  built in 1068 and throughout many centuries it has developed into the impressive stronghold that it is today. The building serves many purposes over the years, but nowadays it is a tourist destination, attracting many visitors. In 2001, the British Tourist Authority declared Warwick Castle to be one of Britain’s top 10 historic houses and monuments.

Warwick Castle is recognized as a nationally important and Grade 1 listed building. To preserve this piece of history, performing scheduled maintenance is very important. The company tasked with providing the scaffold for this maintenance was Attridge Scaffolding. Attridge Scaffolding challenged to provide an access solution to repair and replace the stonework on the outside of the castle.

What made designing and executing the scaffold challenging, are the sloped walls. However, Attridge Scaffolding found a solution for that through using THIEL extender transoms.

Van Thiel is proud to get the chance of working together on this project with the Warwick Castle.

Thiel extender

THIEL extender transoms fit with an extender that adjusts to your own specific needs. The maximum length of the extender is for 3 boards, but as the extender adjusts infinitely, it will always fit your situation exactly.

An additional advantage of using THIEL transoms is that they make setting the right distance between standards easy. The transoms are fixed to the ledgers with two wedge couplers. Wedge couplers are a faster alternative to bolted connections. They only require 1 to 3 hits with a scaffolding hammer to fasten

In this project, Attridge Scaffolding not only uses the THIEL transoms, they also use Tube-Lock® tubes to erect the scaffold. Tube-Lock® tubes are a fast and easy way of connecting tubes together. They are a replacement for sleeve couplers and joiners. To connect Tube-Lock® tubes, you don’t need any tools. The connection is simply a twisting motion. Want to read more about the advantages of using Tube-Lock®? Have a look here!

Used products

Tube-Lock ® – P1500

Tube-Lock is the basis for a flexible, safe scaffolding: lighter components, simple quick (dis)assembly possible by 1 person.