Tube-Lock ® – P1500

Tube-Lock is the basis for a flexible, safe scaffolding: lighter components, simple quick (dis)assembly possible by 1 person.  

Quality standards

The products made by van Thiel United meet strict quality and production standards. Provisions of the latest European and Dutch legislation and standards and the latest state of the art apply to the erection of Tube-Lock® concept scaffolding. Tube-Lock®, cross and rotary couplings comply with NEN-EN74 and are certified by the Technische Universität München (TÜM).

In connection with safety and legal liability, we advise you to use only original Thiel United Tube-Lock® concept parts.

Tube-Lock® concept scaffolding parts can be combined with wooden scaffolding parts that comply with the KOMO product certificate for wooden scaffolding parts, BRL 9923.

Scaffolding higher than 24 meters and construction types not mentioned in this manual must be justified with static calculations.  Van Thiel United B.V. can provide static calculations for you in consultation and will check all parts for damage before assembly. Damaged parts must not be used.

An instructor is available on request for advice.

Tube-Lock ® concept combines flexibility, simplicity, strength and quick (dis)assembly. The multifunctional Tube-Lock® concept scaffold consists of 6 parts:

  • The Tube-Lock® connection pressed into the ends of the pipe ensures a strong connection of pipes in the longitudinal direction.
  • Universal joints connect uprights, beams and handrails at an angle of 90°.
  • Swivel couplings connect pipes at an angle.
  • Expansion shorts make assembly of the Tube-Lock® concept scaffolding easy because the uprights are placed at the correct distance from each other.
  • System transoms, approx. 900 mm centre-to-centre, connect the girders at the work floor with each other. That 6 scaffolding planks can be placed next to each other.
  • The system short is equipped with an extender that makes it possible to mount a maximum of 3 scaffolding planks between the inside stand and the structure.

The Tube-Lock® concept is designed for the construction of facade scaffolding. This is also excellently usable in industry, shipbuilding and aircraft construction.

Tube-Lock pipes, expansion shorts and  system shorts can also be manufactured from your own tube material.


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