Right Angle Coupler – P1057
48,3mm - 48,3mm

  the right angle coupler, also known as thread coupling this is a RM or ERREM coupling. Connects two scaffolding tubes at right angles to each other.


Right Angle Coupler

EN 74-1 class B
Item number P-1057
Weight: 1,5 kg
Operating load: 9,1 kN
Safety factor 1,65
Productkey in the key:  EN74 B CU
Universal joint: Coupling to connect 2 pipes at right angles to each other
EN 74:

Tested according to NEN-EN 74-1:2005


Class according to NEN-EN 74-1:2005


Production control by independent certification institute 

Corrosion protection:

Hot-dip galvanizing

With a coupling you can temporarily connect two pipes:

  • Universal joint: connecting two pipes at right angles to each other
  • Swivel joint: connecting two pipes at an angle
  • Welded couplings: connecting two pipes lengthwise
  • Beam couplers: Attaching a pipe to a steel beam

We are achieving this connection by clamping the coupling to the pipes and striking the keys. 


 Van Thiel couplings comply with the standard NEN-EN 74-1:2005 / -2:2008 / -3:2007 couplings and accessories for steel tube scaffolding or are subjected to be comparable tests in-house.

Requirements and test methods:

  • Class B for universal joints, certified for use as a BB coupling
  • Class B for swivel joints
  • Class B for welding couplings Values ​​obtained
  • by testing for beam clamps

Raw material

The raw materials used must meet the requirements set in the applicable Eurocode and/or the values ​​as stated in NEN-EN-12811-2.

The raw materials are subject to controls according to the ISO 9001-2000 system.

Right angle coupler Uniqueness

Van Thiel couplings are recognizable by the stamped “EN74 B CU” mark in the coupling key.


The Van Thiel quality department checks the quality of the couplings through continuous process control and daily testing of the couplings.

Corrosion protection

The couplings are hot-dip galvanized and therefore it protects against rust for life. Corrosion protection according to:

  • Sherardizing: NEN-EN 13811:2003 and NEN-EN-ISO 14713-1 and -3:2010
  • Galvanizing: NEN-EN-ISO 1461:2009

Right angle coupler Usage

Only use links to connect:

  • Two steel scaffolding tubes with an external diameter of 48.3 mm and a wall thickness in accordance with NEN-EN 39 or comparable
  • Two aluminum scaffolding tubes with an external diameter of 48.3 mm and a minimum wall thickness of 4 mm.

you must hit couplings with a (500 grams van Thiel) hammer up to the ‘dead blow’ (NEN-EN 74-1).

Strike with normal force between one and three strokes.

You should visually inspect couplings before each use. Do not use the couplings if there is visible damage or deformation.


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