Suspended Scaffold – Liverpool

Crossway Scaffolding Group has provided a temporary platform at the Liverpool South Parkway Station for Virgin Train customers. The platform measures 150m long and 6 to 9 meters wide and was built over a 2 month period to minimise disruption. The platform will remain in place for a period of 1 year.

The suspended platform was built using THIEL material such as Tube-Lock® and wedge couplers. Because of the unique connection of the Tube-Lock® tubes, they may be submitted to pull force, making the Tube-Lock® concept the ultimate solution for suspended scaffolds.

Location Liverpool
Scaffold Crossway Scaffolding Group
Year 2017


Used products

Tube-Lock ® – P1500

Tube-Lock is the basis for a flexible, safe scaffolding: lighter components, simple quick (dis)assembly possible by 1 person.  

Right Angle Coupler – P1057

  the right angle coupler, also known as thread coupling this is a RM or ERREM coupling. Connects two scaffolding tubes at right angles to each other.

Swivel Coupler P-1126

The Swivel coupler also known as thread coupling, RM or ERREM coupling. Connects two scaffolding tubes together.