All of Van Thiels production takes place in Beek en Donk, the Netherlands. For more than 150 years, we have been designing, developing, producing and testing our products, all under one roof.

Throughout the years we have invested in optimizing our manufacturing techniques, resulting in a process in which quality is our first priority.

Made in Holland

We have deliberately made the choice to continue our 150 year old tradition of producing all our products in Beek en Donk, the Netherlands. Our factory is located near the city of Eindhoven.

Manufacturing all our products in the Netherlands creates opportunities and benefits that we believe can not be the same by outsourcing our production. It allows us to have full control over the quality of our products and the production processes. Furthermore, it gives us the opportunity to react fast: to your needs and the demands of the market.

We know that these advantages ultimately benefit you and the scaffolding industry.

Quality Reassurances

It all starts with the raw material. We only purchase the best quality EU-certified steel to be able to guarantee the best quality for our finished products. All materials that you purchase will undergo tests in our laboratory to verify their values. Only when the raw materials recieve approvement by our quality specialists we will continue to process the material.

Additionally we test random selections of our products multiple times a day. This is to ensure the quality maintains with every product we manufacture. All throughout the day, our quality specialists are testing our products in our own laboratory. Do you want to know more about the testing and quality of our products? Please take a look at our Quality page.

Production Processes

Over the course of many years, we have optimized and largely automated our production process. Our factory in Beek en Donk has tailor made specialized machinery to produce our products in an efficient way. In this YouTube video we give you a little insight in our production process.

Our main products, our standard right angle and swivel couplers, made by our largest machine. This process is fully automatic. We start off with large coils of steel. The material is cut to the right length, and bent in the right way. Then some other small steel parts such as rivets and wedges are added to the machine. Lastly, the robots assemble all parts and weld all connections securely.

Our other recent investment is our Tube-LockĀ® robot. The robot inserts the Tube-LockĀ® parts in the tube automatically and dimples them securely to guarantee a safe connection. This ultimately results in a tube connection that may be submitted to pull force.

All robots are handled by skilled operators who know the technique behind the production process like no other. They understand what our quality standards are and they can recognize all small aspects that are important to maintain that quality.

Additionally, all machinery is fitted with quality control mechanisms. This entails automatically checking the strength of the welded connection for example. We herewith safeguard a constant quality of our products.

Focussed on your demands

In a business where time is money, being able to process and deliver orders fast is imperative. Because we are in charge of our own production planning, we have a constant flow of output, tailored to the demands of the market. We don’t have to wait for products to come from an anonymous overseas factory. We are the manufacturer of scaffolding material, not only the seller.

Having our own factory also means that we have the opportunity to make custom products and custom adjustments. We can mark your tubes with your company colors for example, but we can also design custom reduction couplers to fit your exact needs. Do you want to know more about this? Please contact us!

Focussed on the future

In an ever changing world, we believe it is imperative to be able to react fast.

Having our R&D department and production facilities under one roof allows us to implement innovations and product improvements very quickly. We can translate the needs from the market to a finished product swiftly.

Many of our products are developed in cooperation with scaffolders. Combining our own ideas with the knowledge of professionals has lead to a multitude of innovative new products, and we are very proud of that. We are committed to continue these partnerships in the future.