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From ice cold weather up to minus 40 degrees Celcius to the salty seawater of the North Sea – our products can withstand all conditions. All over the world THIEL products are used in numerous projects. Our products make even the most extreme scaffolding challenges possible – without having to make concessions to safety or flexibility.

Our products offer a solution to all scaffolding challenges. They are versatile: they can be used in traditional tube and clamp scaffolds, in combination with our Tube-LockĀ® concept or in combination with other scaffolding systems. That is why they can be found in many different configurations in diverse projects.

We are proud of the work our partners create globally. And we are proud of their achievements. That is why we want to feature your projects on our website. To show what you have done and to show what can be done.

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Used products

Swivel Coupler – P3028

The swivel coupler also known as thread coupling, RM or ERREM coupling. Connects two scaffolding tubes together.

Adapter Ring to Tube – P1210

The adapter ring to tube is a Coupling for shorting system

Parallel Coupler – P1132

This parallel coupler connects two tubes parallel next to eachother.