De Groene Kaap – Rotterdam

De Groene Kaap is a project in Rotterdam Katendrecht, a former harbour area that is transformed to a modern city district. The project consists of four buildings and five residential towers that are connected with one another through different bridges and gardens. The complete complex consists of 450 housing units.

The complete scaffold has been erected by SIW Steigerwerken Numansdorp. They only used materials from the THIEL Tube-Lock concept for this construction. The basic scaffold consists of only 6 products: Tube-Lock tubes, base plates for Tube-Lock tubes, 2 types of wedge couplers, and 2 types of transoms.

The advantage of a Tube-Lock scaffold is its flexibility. You are free to choose the height of each floor and it is easy to adjust your scaffold to match the shape of the building. Protruding elements such as balconies and bridges are no problem when using the Tube-Lock concept scaffold.

Location Rotterdam
Architect Bureau Massa
Contractor Stebru Bouw
Scaffold SIW Steigerwerken Numansdorp
Year 2017 – 2020


All pictures including the drone footage is made by Jeremiah Klop.

Used products

P1500 – Tube-Lock®


P1057 – Right Angle Coupler


P1126 – Swivel Coupler