The India Buildings – Liverpool

The India Buildings is a block of offices in the heart of the business and banking quarter of Liverpool. It also contains an internal shopping arcade as well as the entrance to an underground station. The construction on this property started in 1924 and was completed in 1932.

The company tasked with executing the scaffold for the renovation is the Crossway Scaffolding Group. The scaffold constisted of a full external scaffold and two large lightwell areas. Some of the challenges the scaffolding team faced were the city centre location, weaknessess in the structure and the India Buildings being a Grade II listed building.

However, the Crossway Scaffolding Group made it work, and created a scaffold out of THIEL scaffolding material. They used Tube-Lock tubes as well as Thiel-Lock transoms with board extenders.

Thiel-Lock transoms simplify the erection of the scaffold. The fixed couplers on the transoms replace the need for additional couplers. Because the couplers are fixed, the distance between the two standards is automatically equal across all standards. Additonally, the transoms are fitted with a board extender, which makes it easy to add boards in front of the inner standard.

Furthermore, using Tube-Lock tubes has many advantages over traditional tube and fitting and system scaffolding. Want to read more about all the advantages? Have a look at this article! THIEL transoms

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Used products

P1500 – Tube-Lock®