Convert your scaffold tube to Tube-Lock®

We offer the unique possibility to convert to Tube-Lock ® tubes. You can do this with new or used scaffold tubes.

Curious about how we do this? You can find all the information below!

Want to know more about the advantages of Tube-Lock®? You can read everything here or watch our comparison video at the bottom of the page!

How do we convert your tubes to Tube-Lock® tubes?

1. Pick up your tubes (new or used, steel or aluminium)

We will arrange transportation for you. Tell us when and where you would like us to pick up your tubes and we will take them to our factory to start the conversion process.

We can convert both new and used tubes, steel as well as aluminium to Tube-Lock® tubes as long as they have a wall thickness of 3,2mm or 4mm and conform to the EN39.

2. Visiual check of incoming tubes

To make sure the tubes are of sufficient quality and not damaged beyond repair, we execute a visual inspection. This is to ensure the quality of the end product, consisting of your tube with the Tube-Lock® ends, meets our high quality standards.

3. Cleaning of your tubes

In order to be able to process all your tubes, we will remove any dirt inside and out such as sand or cement from them.

4. Straightening (when applicable) of your tubes

If your steel tubes are slightly bended, we are able to straighten them so we can convert them. This means you can even send us your slightly bended tubes and we will be able to make Tube-Lock® tubes out of them.

5. Cutting your tubes to the right length

We will make sure your tubes are all of the same length(s). You can choose your own lenght(s) as long as they are between 4ft (1.2 meters) and 13ft. (4 meters). Please indicate the exact length required including the ends. A tolerance will apply.


6. Pressing Tube-Lock® into the tube ends

Our factory is equipped with the most modern machinery to be able to fix the Tube-Lock ends into your tubes. Do you want know how this is done and to take a look in our factory? You can find a video here!

7. Bundling or packing in tube containers

To be able to return the tubes to your yard, we can bundle them with steel bands, or we can transport them in THIEL tube containers. The containers are used per set of 2 containers and can hold up to 58 tubes per 2 containers.

8. Returning your Tube-Lock® to your yard 

Once again, we will arrange transportation back to your yard. You only have to tell us when and where, and we will do the rest!


Do you want to know more about the advantages of Tube-Lock® tubes? Have a look at this page, or watch the video below!