Saltburn Railway Viaduct – North Yorkshire

Crossway Scaffolding Group are involved in the refurbishment of the Saltburn Viaduct. The Victorian style viaduct in North Yorkshire, England was built in 1860 and is of historic significance to the area. It is still being used daily by goods trains.

Network Rail has tasked Crossway Scaffolding Group with providing a full access scaffold. The viaduct is over 200 meters long and 40 meters high. When the full scaffold is erected, it will hold over 1000 tons of material. Crossway Scaffolding Group have erected this scaffold over a 6 month period.

The equipment used in the scaffold is Van Thiel United’s Tube-Lock. Tube-Lock tubes are fast and easy to use: they can be connected with each other by a twisting motion. No additional parts or tools are needed to make the safe and secure connection. Furthermore, there is no need to stagger joints, Tube-Lock is as strong as continuous tube, and the connection may even be submitted to pull force.

The basis for the scaffold has been made with RMD shoring equipment. It is punched off gallows brackets that are bolted in the structure on some of the piers. This forms the basis for the entire scaffold.

Used products

Tube-Lock ® – P1500

Tube-Lock is the basis for a flexible, safe scaffolding: lighter components, simple quick (dis)assembly possible by 1 person.