100 Meters High – Rotterdam

Van Thiel had a project dictating the skyline of Rotterdam, 100 high is a mesmerising project designed by Klunder Architecten. SIW Steigerwerken helped making the building plans a reality by providing an impressive scaffold fully executed with THIEL Tube-Lock® and THIEL wedge couplers.

100 high is a 33 storey building with 152 apartments, a parking garage and ten commercial spaces. Standing tall at a little over 100 meters, the tower is located at the Wijnhavenstraat in Rotterdam. Its location in the Maritime District guarantees fantastic views over the city center, as well as Rotterdam’s waters.

Construction on this project started in the second quarter of 2011 and in december 2013 the construction was finished.

Van Thiel is proud to be given the opportunity to work on this project in Rotterdam, our partners are listed below.

Location Rotterdam
Architect Klunder Architecten
Contractor BAM
Scaffold SIW Steigerwerken Numansdorp
Year 2011 – 2013


Used products

Tube-Lock ® – P1500

Tube-Lock is the basis for a flexible, safe scaffolding: lighter components, simple quick (dis)assembly possible by 1 person.  

Right Angle Coupler – P1057

  the right angle coupler, also known as thread coupling this is a RM or ERREM coupling. Connects two scaffolding tubes at right angles to each other.

Swivel Coupler P-1126

The Swivel coupler also known as thread coupling, RM or ERREM coupling. Connects two scaffolding tubes together.